Saturday, March 12, 2005

Places I recently visited

I have been living in Mie Prefecture for a long time but unfortunately there have not been many chances to visit places in this prefecture, especially, those in its southern parts. So I recently made a trip with my wife to Daiozaki and Goza-misaki. We first went down as far as Goza-misaki and then back to Daiozaki where we planned to stay one night. The inn was located on a hill and the room was with a beautiful view of the sea. Added to this it was comfortably large. We enjoyed having a bath in rotenburo (open-air baths). According to the owner it is sometimes possible to see Mt Fuji from around here on a clear day. It was a shame that when we were there it was cloudy and we could not. There will be another chance! The next day we went to Daiozaki Todai (lighthouse). On a narrow road and a path that led to the lighthouse were a number of shops that sold fish, pearls and so forth. We bought dried fish as souvenir. It was fun to talk with the local people. Some day I would like to go there again on a clear day.